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Wayne Thacker

Wayne Thacker

Financial Consultant

Wayne Thacker, a prominent member of our Advisor Team since 2009 has been titled, ‘The guru of retirement income planning.’

Wayne has been involved in the financial services business since 2001 and brings a wealth of real-world experience. Formally, Wayne was president of an independent mortgage finance company before selling the company to a large banking institution in 2008. Not only does Wayne have a grasp on how assets work, but also on how liabilities can affect overall performance of a retirement and cash flow plan. Wayne specializes in helping Indiana School Teachers PERF Members and federal employees organize and plan for their retirement. He has built a strong knowledge base surrounding the core retirement vehicles (INPRS Pension, FERS, Social Security, Medicare, Insurances, and Personal Assets), and he works with individuals to help piece these things together for their individual plan. Putting ALL the pieces together is a unique skill that Wayne brings to the table. There is no one size fits all because there are so many moving parts. Breaking them down and then fitting them together for each individual client is what earned Wayne the title, ‘The guru of retirement income planning.’

Wayne is a frequent guest on our radio show, ‘Your Money with David Hays.’ He is our resident expert when dealing with Indiana Public and Federal Employees and is our ‘Go To’ person when it comes to Social Security Planning. Wayne has spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of these very important pieces for his clients. Most weeks, Wayne can be found conducting the ‘Savvy Social Security Planning Workshop for Baby Boomers’ or one of the many programs he runs for Indiana state employees and federal workers.

A Note from Wayne:

Bloomington is my hometown! My kids attended the same schools and played at the same parks that I did growing up here. I have the pleasure of working with our local and surrounding school corporations. I cannot tell you how good it feels to help the same teachers retire that taught me grade school math back in the 80’s and 90’s.

I am a family man, deeply in love with my wife, Heather, our young adult son, Parker and my forever little girl, Myra Grace. My 21 seasons as a youth sports coach are now behind me. If I’m not rushing around in life as we all do, my free time is spent divided up a few ways. Heather and I enjoy laughing together with family and friends. I am in the gym constantly trying to out work a bad diet. I still get my competitive juices going on the pickleball courts and the golf course too.

This career involves such an emotional attachment. We are talking about the financial lives of the wonderful people we live and work with in our communities. What I do on a day in and day out basis is so meaningful and serious for everyone involved. It is impossible not to think about my work outside of the office. This is a career that I take very seriously. The research, reading, and analysis done behind the scenes is something I take a lot of pride in. The behind the scenes work and care is where the real secret sauce is located. I am looking forward to many more years and seeing many more successful retirements along the way.