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David Hays' Taxes in Retirement: 2025 The Final Drive, What You Need to Win

David Hays' Taxes in Retirement: 2025 The Final Drive, What You Need to Win

David Hays is currently on the road for Takes in Retirement, 2025 The Final Drive, What You Need to Win!

This workshop could be fit into a 20 minute or to 1 hour and 30 minute presentation about retiring in the coming years and this will affect your IRAs.

David has presented at several speaking engagements, a co-author of Today’s Guide to Retirement Planning, 2025 The Final Drive, & hosts the weekly radio show and Podcast, “Your Money with David Hays”. He is a member of the Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor Group. He also had the opportunity to speak at the Harvard Faculty Club in 2016 on Getting America Retirement Ready!

He has taught retirement planning courses through Indiana University School and Ivy Tech Community College for over 10 years and has served on the U.S. Congressional Advisor on Medicare, taxes, and retirement planning. He has assisted with and been quoted in several national publication, including The Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger’s & Forbes to name a few.

He is currently promoting his new book, 2025 The Final Drive if you would be interested in hearing about it. He will have copies available for purchase as well – funds all go to charity. You can check it out here.

2025, The Final Drive is a metaphor from my football playing and coaching days.  It is an attempt to emphasize the importance of the last chance, time is ticking, or now is the time to go! 

As you read through this book you will see we have a real opportunity in front of us.  In 2025 the current tax cuts that were passed in 2017 expire and we at a minimum return to the rates before or rates go much higher.

In this book I will discuss the Big Three retirement risks and how to deal with them. Getting out of the way of higher taxes is No 1. Avoiding retiring into a bad market is No. 2.  And, pulling it together, dealing with the biggest risk of all, longevity risk, is No. 3.   

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David Hays, Featured Speaker for Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club