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Eric Giesler*

Eric Giesler*

Managing Director and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Eric Giesler came to Comprehensive Financial Consultants Institutional (CFCI) after twenty plus years of service in institutional portfolio management, asset liability management and consulting. Throughout his career he has developed many unique investment products and programs that relied on the impact of asset/liability management on the investment process. Eric also served as an Instructor at the Leadership College of Northwestern University and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the profession.

His professional career outside of CFCI includes participating in panels for the Society of Actuaries, the National Association of Annuity Producers, NAIC/LIMRA, Bear Sterns and various state government agencies. He has applied this combination of practical and academic experience to a variety of consultancies for major public and private corporations throughout the United States. These professional efforts have been recognized by the Society of Actuaries and the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Outside of professional interests, Eric travels widely, reads, writes, golf, politics, religion and enjoys living in Indiana with his wife and two daughters.