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2025 The Final Drive Podcast with David Hays

Hi, I’m David Hays, Founder of Comprehensive Financial Consultants and your host for 2025 The Final Drive podcast based on my book, 2025 The Final Drive: What You Need to Win. You can purchase this book at by visiting our website at This podcast will help you avoid the biggest risks that will affect your long-term retirement by planning. Much of this planning needs to be done by the year 2025, before taxes go up for good. I will teach you about the impact of our parents’ tax planning and how to break that cycle and create wealth for your retiree income, the risks associated with retiring during bad markets, and how to effectively plan for your longevity.

2025 The Final Drive Podcast

2025 The Final Drive Podcast

Join your host, David Hays in 2025 The Final Drive: What You Need to Win. This podcast will help you avoid the biggest risks that will affect your long-term retirement by planning.

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<br/><h2>E53:&#160;<span>What's in Store for 2024?</span></h2><br/>

E53: What's in Store for 2024?

A silver tsunami is coming this year, as more than four million Baby Boomers turn 65 in 2024!

In the episode, David shares about some of the top IRA rulings for 2023, the importance of emergency savings, federal estate taxes, what listeners can expect this year as part of the SECURE Act… and the possible benefits of moving to Florida. 

Grab a slice of pie (there’s a reason for that teaser) and enjoy! 

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<br/><h2>E52:&#160;<span>Control Your Tax destiny</span></h2><br/>

E52: Control Your Tax destiny

With 2023 ending in just a few weeks, David has a few things to consider regarding taxes.

Mutual fund gain distributions, tax penalties, lost harvesting, wash sale rules and phantom gains are all touched on in the podcast.

Take the time to listen and take necessary action before the end of the year!

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<br/><h2>E51:&#160;<span>Conversion Consideration</span></h2><br/>

E51: Conversion Consideration

With the end of 2023 just weeks away, many people are looking to pay the taxes on a Roth IRA conversion… but what is the best way to do so?

This week David will offer some different ideas, including paying out-of-pocket or taking a 401k loan. Listen in to hear some options on minimizing the pain of paying those taxes now… and remember the pain later could be a lot worse.

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<br/><h2>E50:&#160;<span>To Depreciate or Not Depreciate...&#160;</span></h2>

E50: To Depreciate or Not Depreciate... 

... THAT is the question.  

Depreciation may sound like a bad thing to some people, but it can be a benefit when it comes to finances. On this episode, David Hays welcomes Martin James, CPA, back to discuss various aspects of depreciation on property, the differences in active versus passive real estate investing, land leases and the potential tax benefits of loans.

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<h2>E49:&#160;<span>Debt Elimination Before Retirement</span></h2>

E49: Debt Elimination Before Retirement

Debt is a part of life for many people, and it’s always important to manage your debt appropriately. 

On this episode, David and Marty James, CPA, discuss the benefits of having cash available versus using credit, as well as the importance of having a steady income stream in retirement. 

David and Marty also share about the potential benefits of doing a Roth IRA conversion in preparing for retirement.

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<h2>E48:&#160;<span>Clean Vehicle Credits</span></h2>

E48: Clean Vehicle Credits

Marty James, CPA, is back on the podcast to share about potential incentives Americans can take when purchasing a “clean vehicle,” aka an electric car or truck. 

Did you know that if you are making a purchase of a clean vehicle, your MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income – could impact the incentive credit? 

Marty and David will have the details on the incentives…

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<h2>E47:&#160;<span>Health Insurance Before Medicare</span></h2>

E47: Health Insurance Before Medicare

For Americans planning to retire before becoming eligible for Medicare, there can be challenges in finding affordable health care.

In this episode, David welcomes Martin “Marty” James, CPA, to the podcast to discuss potential ways to minimize the impact of higher-cost insurance.

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<h2>E46:&#160;<span>Is the IRS Spying on Your Retirement Accounts...?</span></h2>

E46: Is the IRS Spying on Your Retirement Accounts...?

... or is the IRS just licking their lips?  I bet you - it could be both!

Join David as he discusses how the IRS is affecting your retirement accounts. They are hungry and guess who is going to feed them....your money.

David explains why moving your IRA into a Roth account will prevent your children from being taxed considerably when they inherit your IRA; thus preventing the IRA from feeding on your children through taxes.
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<br/><h2>E45:&#160;<span>Tax Movement in 2023</span></h2><br/>

E45: Tax Movement in 2023

There are three years left until the end of the 2017 tax cuts.

Let's focus on what we can do this year of 2023.

As the advisor, I have an action plan for you regarding your retirement and estate planning opportunities. 

Timing is everything.  How can you take advantage of up to a $5,000 catch up? Inflation adjustments and more explained in this episode.

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<h2>E44:&#160;<span>Tax-Free Bonds - Free?</span></h2>

E44: Tax-Free Bonds - Free?

David is back in the studio! After taking a step back he is ready to discuss again, the importance of planning for 2025. We begin this episode with Tax Free Bonds. 

Are tax free bonds really tax free?

Who should even consider tax free bonds, and how do coupons work when purchasing a bond?

Find answers to these important questions and more in this episode.

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<h2>E43:&#160;<span>Social Security - Surviving Taxes</span></h2>

E43: Social Security - Surviving Taxes

What’s the answer to the looming Social Security trust fund being exhausted? In Short, more taxes! 

Join David to discuss how to avoid being part of the solution and what are they likely to do, or could do, to fix Social Security. 

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<h2>E42:&#160;<span>Secure Act 2.0 -&#160;</span><span>Qualified Longevity Annuities</span></h2>

E42: Secure Act 2.0 - Qualified Longevity Annuities

This episode David discusses more about the Secure Act 2.0. Specifically, he will be talking about Qualified Longevity Annuities and what changes in the Secure Act make this, rarely used tool, more attractive.

What is a Qualified Longevity Annuity (QLAC), and why would now be a good time to consider one? 

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<h2>E41:&#160;<span>Front Load Your 401K Contributions</span></h2>

E41: Front Load Your 401K Contributions

If you are still working and want a clever way to pay the tax on your Roth conversions in a less painful way, join me today in our new episode.

With S&P down around 18%, is this the best time for that Roth conversion for 2023 now, or should you wait?  

All the things you should be doing now, to make your retirement in the future brighter.

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<h2>E40: 2.0 Secure Act - New Retirement Account Rules</h2>

E40: 2.0 Secure Act - New Retirement Account Rules

Congress just passed the new 2.0 Secure Act! What does this mean for 2025?
 How will this affect our retirement account rules? Have you considered the change this could bring to your children's 529 Plan?
Is this increasing again in 2033? The peak of the baby boom occurred around 1962, which brings them to 70-75 in the next couple years.
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<h2>E39: Life insurance A Better investment</h2>

E39: Life insurance A Better investment

Is Life Insurance a better Investment than an IRA? What a great topic starting off the New Year!

While life insurance is a protected class in the Internal Code, it is also tax free. How does this happen?

The advantages of a life insurance policy include a death benefit for your children - leaving a legacy, cash value grows, borrowing against a life insurance policy, and it grows tax free. When looking at your IRA you are limited on your options, including the conversions you need to make into your Roth

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