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2025 The Final Drive Podcast with David Hays

Hi, I’m David Hays, Founder of Comprehensive Financial Consultants and your host for 2025 The Final Drive podcast based on my book, 2025 The Final Drive: What You Need to Win. You can purchase this book at by visiting our website at This podcast will help you avoid the biggest risks that will affect your long-term retirement by planning. Much of this planning needs to be done by the year 2025, before taxes go up for good. I will teach you about the impact of our parents’ tax planning and how to break that cycle and create wealth for your retiree income, the risks associated with retiring during bad markets, and how to effectively plan for your longevity.

2025 The Final Drive Podcast

2025 The Final Drive Podcast

Join your host, David Hays in 2025 The Final Drive: What You Need to Win. This podcast will help you avoid the biggest risks that will affect your long-term retirement by planning.

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Check out our Teaser Clips for all our episodes! 

Check out our Teaser Clips for all our episodes! 

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<h2>E18: Marital Gifting and Capital Gains</h2>

E18: Marital Gifting and Capital Gains

Listen to David explain how to get a full step up of cost basis on a Marital asset and avoid paying capital gains?  Learn about the Marital Gifting Strategy that almost no one knows about! 

Hear how to take advantage of your life time, gift exclusion amount, without the fear of an IRS claw back.

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<br/><h2>E17: Bonds - Holding Investments in Which Types of Accounts</h2>

E17: Bonds - Holding Investments in Which Types of Accounts

What types of investments should you hold in which type of accounts?

Taxable, Tax Free & Tax Deferred Why Auto Enrollment is good for America, but what are they missing big time?

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<br/><h2>E16: Bonds - Are They Tax-Free?</h2><br/>

E16: Bonds - Are They Tax-Free?

Are tax free bonds truly tax free? Not always.
Who should consider tax free bonds and who shouldn’t? What are the alternatives? When you're looking at regular Bonds vs I-Bonds there is a difference. Join me in this episode as we learn how to calculate your tax equivalent yield.
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<h2>E15: Your Roth IRA Money</h2>

E15: Your Roth IRA Money

When should you use your ROTH IRA money?

While your living or when you’re dead?

Maybe the answer is – whenever you want!

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<h2>E14: Required Minimum Distributions</h2>

E14: Required Minimum Distributions

Did you know that the IRS will tell you exactly when you have to take money out of your retirement accounts, how much and how much is theirs? 
Take control, the time to act is now to keep the IRS from telling you what to do!

Are you single? Taking care of an aging Parent?
Find out if you qualify to change your tax filing status from Single to Head of Household, and enjoy the most favorable tax treatment for yourself of all.
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<h2>E13: Capital Gains</h2>

E13: Capital Gains

Capital Gain Taxes are different!

Short term vs. Long Term

How to maintain the stepped up cost basis if you want to transfer title to your kids before your passing.

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<br/><h2>E12: Life Insurance &#38; Tax Codes</h2><br/>

E12: Life Insurance & Tax Codes

What is the most sacred Tax Code the IRS has? You might be surprised!
How can you take advantage of this misunderstood tax free product and maximize your tax free life?

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<br/><h2>E11: Managing Your NUAS</h2><br/>

E11: Managing Your NUAS

If you own your company stock in your 401K plan, how you handle that stock could save you a ton in income taxes.

Learn about this little known opportunity to save thousands!

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<br/><h2>E10: Maximizing Your IRAs and Roths</h2>

E10: Maximizing Your IRAs and Roths

Maxing out your plans for tax free money in retirement? Lots of ideas on how to avoid this in the episode! Check out a few David covers:

  • Having your Roth 401k’s and IRA’s work together to max out your tax free savings
  • Catching up now that you have the money (in our 50’s)
  • Non-Profit Employees have an even greater opportunity to save more money tax free
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<h2>E9: Roth Conversions - Tax Difficulties</h2>

E9: Roth Conversions - Tax Difficulties

What do you do if you want to a Roth conversion, but don’t have the money to pay the tax? 

David will discuss a great method to get the job done!

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<h2>E8 - Health Savings Account</h2>

E8 - Health Savings Account

This week David asks the question: Where can you get a tax deduction, let it grow tax deferred and take it all out tax free? It’s the triple threat of retirement – the Health Savings Account!

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<h2>E7 - Social Security part 2</h2>

E7 - Social Security part 2

David discusses more on delaying Social Security and how to fill the income gap between early retirement and maximum Social Security. Thus creating one of the most tax efficient, inflation adjusted income streams in retirement!

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<h2>E6 - Social Security</h2>

E6 - Social Security

This episode David discusses Social Security. Social Security is one of the most important income streams in retirement, for now, is also very tax favored.

Learn how to get the most from it and not screw things up!

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<h2>E5 - Married FIling Jointly and Your Taxes</h2>

E5 - Married FIling Jointly and Your Taxes

This episode David discusses Married Filing Jointly and how you can set yourself up for success for the day one of you will be filing a single tax return. It’s unfortunate, and we hope the day never happens, but it will: either through a passing of a loved one or divorce. So, how can you set yourselves up now for that day of single filing? It’s simple: give this episode a listen where David breaks down the steps of what needs to happen now, so you can be prepared for later.

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<h2>E4 - The Blitz Is On</h2>

E4 - The Blitz Is On

During this episode David begins discussing Longevity Risk.
This will be a reoccurring topic that addresses long term care, not running out of money, and leaving a legacy you can be proud of; to name a few.
If you are 5 years away from retirement, now is the time to get serious about putting money into a Roth; but if you are 1 year away you should wait.

Why? Listen in and David will explain.

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<h2>E3 - Federal Estate Rax Roller-Coaster</h2>

E3 - Federal Estate Rax Roller-Coaster

During this episode I want to focus on the Federal Estate Tax Roller Coaster. This is where I talk about other forms of taxes besides our retirement accounts. Yes, I want to focus on our retirement accounts, but we can't do that without looking at other assets: your home! Your estate can be taxed. What other things should we consider? Life Insurance. Death Benefits. Loans. Long Term Care Policies.

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<h2>E2 - What Are IRA/Roth Conversions?</h2>

E2 - What Are IRA/Roth Conversions?

During this episode I explain exactly what is a Trillion-dollars. Many of us cannot fathom the idea! How are we going to help our Nation's Trillion-dollar debt deficit? Well, through our IRAs. Listen to this episode and learn how converting your IRA now, during a lower tax bracket, to a Roth will decrease the amount of taxes you will have to pay after 2025.

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<h2>E1 - Why Is This So Important?</h2>

E1 - Why Is This So Important?

2025, The Final Drive is a metaphor from my football playing and coaching days. It is an attempt to emphasize the importance of the last chance, time is ticking, and now is the time to go! During this episode I get into the why’s of this podcast, my book, and my entire mission to serve people and continue financial education. Don’t roll that window shade down and ignore, get ready to ride the tracks of this train heading straight for you: higher taxes

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