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United Health Care

UnitedHealthcare Important Transparency in Coverage (TIC)

Machine Readable File (MRF) Information

Transparency in Coverage (TIC) regulations require health insurers and group health plans to create machine readable files (MRFs) that contain the negotiated rates for in-network providers and allowed amounts derived from historical claims for out-of-network providers and make those files publicly available. They must be made available on an open access website effective July 1, 2022.


A machine-readable file is a digital representation of data or information in a file that can be imported or read by a computer system for further processing without human intervention.


These files follow the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) defined layout and are in the CMS approved format (JSON) and are not meant for a consumer-friendly search of rates, benefits, or cost sharing. 



As of July 1st, 2022, UnitedHealthcare creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of you, the plan holder.


To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on the URL provided: (Comprehensive's document is #5661)


  • To locate your file:
    • Hit Ctrl-F on your keyboard to bring up a search bar.
    • Type in your employer name and the associated MRFs will appear.
    • Example:  2022-07-01_customer name_Choice-Plus_in-network-rates.json.


  • Multiple files may appear. Select the ones with your company name and the information and area of interests (network rates, allowed amounts, etc.).


  • Files will be updated monthly in accordance with the requirements.